Singer Futurelove Sibanda: „Africa is not only drums, clapping and jumping like most people imagine.“

Futurelove Sibanda was once a member of the multi-award winning group from Zimbabwe IYASA (Inkululeko Yabutsha School of Arts) which was formed in 2000 at Mpompoma High School. Futurelove was one of the group’s founding members at 16. His stage name was Fufu. Whilst at IYASA and when the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) were initiated, he won the outstanding male performer award. Ten Years ago He travelled to Austria. In the country of Mozart the multitalented  shooting star managed to become not only one of the best european dancers but also one of it well respected young talented musicians.  The last four years he has won many awards at european level. See the list below. We met him for a short interview.

Who is Futurelove Sibanda?

Futurelove Sibanda, is born and raised in Zimbabwe with much love for arts and entertainment. I  have been involved in this world for more than 10 years  performing and teaching in different countries like Japan, USA, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Malawi just to mention a few. Since I used to work with a dance group before I moved to Austria, we used to tour around Europe  every year and since 2002 I have been coming to Austria.

Then you started to study Dance Pedagogy…

Yes. In 2009 I started studying Dance Pedagogy at Konservatorium Private University of Vienna. Since then I have been working a lot with kids and also adults in around Austria holding workshops in schools and working with a Theater house for kids Dschungel Wien where people can also  watch  me perform.

Future Love Sibanda in a tribute to Ray Charles and the supremes ©Andrea Zehetner

Future Love Sibanda in a tribute to Ray Charles and the supremes ©Andrea Zehetner


At Theater house Dschungel Wien you played a solo piece called „Captain future“. What was it about?

It is not only dance that I do. I also act a lot in theaters. I have been involved in a few theater plays including my Solo Captain Future where i just talk about my dreams and my picture of Europe/Austria the first time I came here. I also have my own comedy channel going on on youtube ,“UGLYSHIA„. I also have a Band Future And The Lovers, Which started 26th March 20014. and you can also find us on youtube under Futurelovetainment.

You have startet a new way of concceiving Africa and african dance called Afrofusion. Can you please tel us more about?

It is a fun dance class where by we get to know some Southern African traditional movements mixed with some modern/street movements and the goal is to show people here that Africa is not only drums, clapping and jumping like most people imagine. That´s why I decided to mix these two worlds together,

Who is qualified to come and dance afrofusion?
This class is for everyone who feels like sweating through movement having fun and learning a few awesome dance moves.

Thank you very much

Thank you too



  • Best male Talent in Zell am  See (Austria, April 2011)
  • Best male Talent in Porec, (Croatia, Mai 2011)
  • Third Place in singing in Porec (Croatia, Mai 2011)
  • Second place in solo dancing Porec (Croatia, Mai 2011)
  • First place traditional dancing Porec (Croatia, Mai 2011)
  • Austrian Champion in Solo singing and traditional dance, Zell am See (Austria, April 2011)


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